Becoming Kerry – 2017 Rainbow Awards Runner-Up for Best Transgender Contemporary Romance

12348067_1174925609208186_43252085009555681_nHow cool is this?? Becoming Kerry has been awarded 3rd place in the Best Transgender Contemporary Romance category of the 2017 Rainbow Awards!! 

I struggle to convey how rewarding and inspiring it is to be recognized in such esteemed company by such wonderful people. Becoming Kerry was a labor of love, which went through many incarnations in the editing process, and frustrated me to no end for a while there. But telling Kerry’s story was way too important for me to give up so easily. It means the world to see the story appreciated in such a phenomenal way, and it really helps drive me on creatively to keep trusting my muse, even when it leads me through a minefield! Huge, heartfelt thanks to the judges, and to the FFP editing team which helped me so much along the way.

Bare gets 2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention Award

12144751_1152051578162256_5457885689979025011_nI’m so honored to report that Bare has gotten an Honorable Mention in the 2017 Rainbow Awards!!! The judge had this to say:

1) The sharp writing and intriguing characters kept me engaged from beginning to end.
2) Exciting, compelling, emotional. It has everything I love in a story! This is definitely an enjoyable read and I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for more of Kelling’s stories.

Thank you so much to them!! I’m using this as fuel as I continue writing the 4th installment of the Twin Ties series (told exclusively from the Popovic point of view AND 2 years in the future – I’m at over 51k words now), and work on editing Life From Nothing and Hush. It’s great incentive to keep trusting my instincts as I work to share my stories with my lovely readers. *hugs all around*

On Top Down Under Book Reviews Blog Versary Post & Signed Paperback Giveaway

I’m so excited to share with you a post on Why I Write Romance that’s part of the Blog Versary celebration at On Top Down Under Book Reviews. This post captures a lot of the way I’ve been approaching things in writing and in life lately, especially given the current tumultuous nature of our literal and political climates here in the US. Please click through to give it a read and enter the exciting giveawaythe winner will receive an autographed paperback of their choice from any book in my entire back catalogue!

Thanks to On Top Down Under Book Reviews for inviting me to be a part of the celebration & happy blog versary to them!

Read the post and enter to win!

National Coming Out Day Celebration at Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter

Becoming-Kerry-Lynn-KellingHelp celebrate National Coming Out Day with some kick-ass MM book recommendations from Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter! Becoming Kerry is featured here for Kerry’s journey coming out as genderqueer, but check out all of the other incredible features too.

Enter to win the giveaway for a chance to win one of the books listed! Huge thanks to Kimmers for inviting me to participate with such an esteemed bunch of authors <3

Part 1 | Part 2

In Other News: The manuscript for Hush (Prequel to Bare, MMM BDSM) has been submitted to ForbiddenFiction! Yay for finishing stuff! Stay posted for more information about this story about how Rune, Oliver & Jackson came together. Oh, and Adam will be there too (being deliciously dirty, of course)!

2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Bare & Arctic Restitution

12144751_1152051578162256_5457885689979025011_nHoly cats! I was thrilled to wake up this rainy Monday morning to see both Bare and Arctic Restitution have received Honorable Mentions in the 2017 Rainbow Awards!! Here’s what the judges had to say about each…


The sharp writing and intriguing characters kept me engaged from beginning to end. 

Arctic Restitution

ArcticRestitution_CvrPDFfix21) I am so lucky to have read the two previous books before reading Arctic Restitution. I loved Jaye from the get go, hated Cash to the point I wanted to scratch his eyes out. The entire series puts you into an emotional rollercoaster when at some times you’re flying high, and at some, you’re a puddle of goo with snot running down your nose. At times you’re all excited (after the first book) and with sexual tension, then you’re filled with fear for Jaye and what is happening to him at a particular moment.  Out of the three books, Caged Jaye and Arctic Restitution were my two favorites. There were so many times when I wanted to pull Jaye out of the story and give him a hug, keep him safe from the gangs and the ghost monsters. I really liked him and from the beginning was rooting for him, for his safety, his sanity. I also enjoyed and appreciated the Note at the end of the book. It gives you a view of the characters as the author perceived them. That was quite thoughtful. I really enjoyed reading this series and have to give Lynn a huge thank you for the feels and especially her generosity. Keep on writing, Lynn!
2) I was totally hooked by this gritty, raw, honest, and engrossing book

Thank you so much to the judges and to all of my readers who give me such wonderful motivation to keep writing and working hard! Much love to everyone <3

Find out more about Bare at the story page >

Find out more about Arctic Restitution at the story page >

Becoming Kerry Review & Book News

Hey peeps, I’ve been swamped lately (in only good ways) but I missed posting this gorgeous review sooner. I’m here to correct the error with a much-deserved shout-out and also tell you about what I’m working on now…

~* 5 Stars for Becoming Kerry from Diverse Reader *~

“Lynn Kelling books aren’t for the faint of heart. Her dark, often erotic, romances are gritty and raw and intense. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I picked up Becoming Kerry, but by the end I was in absolute awe of Kelling’s beautiful story of becoming who you were always meant to be… Becoming Kerry is a truly stunning book that is at times brutally painful and then is sweepingly romantic and happy.” — Diverse Reader

Wow, this review really took my breath away and gave me a huge rush of inspiration to keep working hard on my current projects. I’m so thankful so such a gift and am grateful for the feedback from Diverse Reader.

In other news, I’m on the lookout for beta readers for some upcoming novels, so please send me a note if you’re interested!

As I’m preparing the manuscript for my Bare Prequel, Hush, staring Rune, Oliver, Jackson, Adam, David and many more, I’ve been working on writing two different novels. One is a post-apocalyptic, MM, arranged-marriage tale with some age difference and power play dynamics. It’s meant to be a sexy, fascinating twist on what women go through all over the world when they’re part of an arranged marriage, and all of the psychological gymnastics that take place.

Another is the 4th Twin Ties novel!! I’m so excited to be back with Evan, Brennan, Alek and Luka. This book is told from the Popovic point of view, which has been sorely lacking so far. I had one of those tough “writer’s challenges” where I knew I needed to trash about 15k words I’d written for this book in order to take it in a entirely different direction, but I’m happy to report that after doing so I’m 10k words along and going strong. This book takes place a year after the last, and will delve into Alek & Luka’s past, present and future. If you’re excited for it, let me know! It really gives me fuel to keep writing as fast as I can.

I’m helping celebrate On Top Down Under Book Review’s 5th Anniversary with a post on October 24. Stay posted for it and the unique giveaway that’ll go with it!! I’ve been tempted to offer up a signed paperback giveaway for the winner’s choice of any book in my back catalog, so please stop by and check it out.

Love and hugs for all,

Coming Soon

bare-e1476088755370Hey everyone! Just a quick update to say I’m hard at work polishing the completed manuscript to a prequel novel to Bare, starring Rune, Oliver & Jackson. I’ve got more information on this project AND the blurb-in-progress for Life From Nothing (a standalone MMM novel that will be my next release) AND a list of other current works in progress posted on my Coming Soon page.

Shout out to my hubby and Officer Vargas (of Twin Ties fame—real dude, real character! Though not actually a cop, lol) who were the ones to help me realize the page needed an update 😉

End of Tour Recap

Becoming-Kerry-Lynn-KellingThe Becoming Kerry tour wrapped up on Friday with 2 posts—an exclusive DELETED SCENE from the book over at Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter, and a CHARACTER INTERVIEW with Ewyn and his mum, Erin at Wicked Reads.

Here are some awesome review that rolled in at the week’s end as well:

~* 5 STARS from Diverse Reader *~

“by the end I was in absolute awe of Kelling’s beautiful story of becoming who you were always meant to be. She has a way of writing characters who are larger than life but so real you can’t help but become completely engrossed in their stories.

Becoming Kerry is a truly stunning book that is at times brutally painful and then is sweepingly romantic and happy… Do yourself a favor and be sure to pick up this book. It’s inspiring, emotional, and will leave you with such a strong sense of peace and happiness.”

~* 5 HEARTS from Trio at Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter *~

“Lynn Kelling always presents such beautifully complicated, muti-layered characters…
I really appreciate the message Kelling sends in about duality, the image we present to society and what we are willing to do to make ourselves happy. In the journey of finding ourselves, and deciding to be honest to our true nature, what are we willing to give up?
Kelling has created a thought provoking, powerful story that will stay with me for some time.”

~* 5 STARS from Shannan at Wicked Reads *~

Becoming Kerry is an angst filled, emotional ride. I absolutely loved this book.”

~* 5 STARS from Ruthie at Wicked Reads *~

“What an absolutely fabulous book. I devoured it from start to finish – and definitely plan on reading it again soon.”

Thanks so much to all of the blogs for hosting me this week and for the readers who came along for the ride! It was a lot of fun and it really energized me to get back to writing my current WIPs. I’ve already written about 4k words in just the past two days on my prequel spinoff novel to Bare with Rune, Oliver & Jackson! I’m at almost 59k words and nearing the end fast! My next release will be Life From Nothing, a stand-alone novel with a MMM love triangle. So excited to share it with you!

Day 5 – Becoming Kerry Blog Tour

BecomingKerry_BlogTour260sqFor the Becoming Kerry Blog Tour, I’m at Bending the Bookshelf today, talking about being a pansexual author writing a genderqueer character. Stop by to check it out and enter the giveaway!

TONIGHT at 8-10 pm EST is the Online Release Party and Author Chat, which will be held at this link. Bring all of your questions or just hang out and read some excerpts from this book *and* possibly another one currently in the works. I’ve got some hot ones picked out for not only Kerry and Ewyn, but also for my MMM love-triangle novel Life From Nothing, and my Bare Prequel Spinoff staring Rune, Oliver and Jackson.

Becoming Kerry is NOW AVAILABLE! Buy now, learn more about the book, or add it on Goodreads

Day 4 – Becoming Kerry Blog Tour


Today on the tour we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE excerpt from the book (and giveaway!) over at Love Bytes Reviews. This scene is from the night Kerry and Ewyn first meet at the gay club Kerry dances at (and where Ewyn works security). It’s got some spice to it so check it out…

The full tour lineup can be found here. See what’s coming up this week (another double-character interview, a deleted scene, and some super-personal insight into what went into making this book).

Join me THIS THURSDAY EVENING at 8-10 pm EST for the Online Release Party and Author Chat which will be held at this link. Bring all of your questions or just hang out and read some excerpts from this book *and* possibly another one currently in the works…

Becoming Kerry is NOW AVAILABLE! Buy now, learn more about the book, or add it on Goodreads