CENSORED: Where to buy Twin Affairs & Cursed Blessings

705Twin Affairs has been banned by Amazon since its release. The Kindle format file is available for purchase through Fantastic Fiction Publishing (where it’s ON SALE!), All Romance Ebooks and Smashwords. I’ve also been informed the epub file from Barnes and Noble also works on Kindle.

701As of this week, Cursed Blessings has been labeled as “adult material” on Amazon, which means it no longer shows up on my author page on Amazon AND it doesn’t show up if you search for it by title and by my author name. HOWEVER, it is still for sale on Amazon, but you can only access the page by direct link. This is the direct link. As with all of my books, it is also for sale through ALL major vendors.

I’m asked constantly when Twin Affairs will be released on Kindle format. It’s out, I promise. The only reason you can’t find it is because Amazon thinks they get to determine what you should be able to read. Buy links for all of my stories can always be found in the side column of the front page of my website.

If you’re a fan of books, creativity, self-expression and freedom of speech, I wholeheartedly, encourage you to NOT shop at Amazon and purchase your books direct from the publisher, or ANY other retailer. Their censorship policies are constantly expanding, severely restricting authors, publishers, cover artists, etc. Their censorship bots flag certain words, certain content, penalize and terrorize small, indie publishers. Their bots also have been cracking down on what can be shown in cover art, which is why Cursed Blessings got flagged as adult material and buried on their site. Amazon also keeps a majority of the profits from every single sale they make, with only a very small percentage leftover for the author, publisher, cover artist, editor, proofreader, etc. No other vendor does this. Because Amazon wants the monopoly over the book market, they offer modest “savings” to tempt customers, but those savings hurt the people working their asses off to produce quality products and threatening other vendors who offer similar services without the terrorizing and severe restrictions of freedom of speech and press. I know many people love to shop at Amazon because of how easy the one-click shopping is, but I promise you, there’s a huge unseen cost.

I write my books for ADULTS. I will never censor my content to appease a corporation who fancies themselves the morals and ethics police over grown adults fully capable of making choices for themselves. If you’d like to continue to see kinky, sexy, dirty, thrilling, boundary-pushing content in your books, please shop somewhere besides Amazon.

Thank you so much for reading.

Much love,

Double Autographed Paperback Giveaway on Goodreads

I’m currently running two giveaways through Goodreads. Two autographed paperbacks of Song of the Lonesome Cowboy AND two autographed paperbacks of Arctic Absolution are up for grabs for four lucky winners, including anyone living in the US, Canada, the UK or Australia! See below, or the books’ pages on Goodreads, for details and to enter…

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Song of the Lonesome Cowboy by Lynn Kelling

Song of the Lonesome Cowboy

by Lynn Kelling

Giveaway ends March 28, 2015.

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Goodreads Book Giveaway


Arctic Absolution by Lynn Kelling


Arctic Absolution


by Lynn Kelling


Giveaway ends March 22, 2015.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.



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What I’m Working On Now

I thought I’d tell you all a little about the stories I’m currently working on, as well as all of my stories in progress. If there are any in particular that you’re interested in, I’d love for you to let me know in the comments or by sending me an email! It’s wonderful motivation to keep working hard to get these stories in your hands :)

Editing Lineup / To Be Released Next:

Double Heat (Twin Ties 3):

When Evan and Brennan moved in with their boyfriends, Alek and Luka, they knew things would be complicated, but as their privacy gets eroded, and people around them begin to notice the tangled nature of the four-way relationship, coping becomes a struggle. Once Brennan leaves on a brief trip home, and Evan remains behind to enjoy the full attention of both Alek and Luka, the careful balance of things gets thrown off. Ex-boyfriends surface, haunting Evan and Brennan as regret for poor choices threatens their happiness, and the sexual freedom displayed earlier in their lives draws predators willing to use violence, coercion, mind-games and force to take what they want. Though Luka and Alek struggle to protect those they love, it soon becomes clear that the dangers surrounding them will find ways to rush in, trying to take what’s theirs. (103,000 words)

Loving the Master (The Society of Masters):

Twenty-five-year-old Dominant David Davenport, owner of private gay club, Manse, is used to people treating him as an asset instead of a human being. When the isolation his wealth mandates make him desperate for normalcy, he leaves his security team behind for a simple lunch out with a friend that changes the course of his life forever. The humble charm and naturally submissive nature of Shea Whittier, the teenage waiter who serves them, captures David’s interest, reminding him of a part of his past he’d thought lost forever. When David learns Shea to have been the victim of a mugging, unable to afford healthcare to treat his wounds and without a safe home to return to, David attempts to right the wrongs. Neither of them foresees the danger waiting for Shea as soon as he’s drawn into David’s high-security world, faced with the paranoia of David’s father, and his certainty that the past will repeat itself, threatening both Shea and David’s lives. (90,000 words; Spin-off of Bound by Lies; Ties to Deliver Us and Jack L. Pyke’s Don’t… series)

Learning from the Master (The Society of Masters):

Most things in life come easily to eighteen-year-old Jenner Parrish, who’s on track to inherit the family business, and is popular, well-liked and good looking. He has everything he could want, except when it comes to love, and sex. Closeted, lonely and desperate, he acquires an invitation to an event at a nearby private gay club, Manse. Feeling out of his element and for the first time quite shy, Jenner is unable to play the wallflower when he captures the attention of the suave, seductive owner of Manse, David Davenport. David is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is gorgeous young Jenner, who begins to realize every fantasy and wild desire could be his for the taking, if only he dares to ask and obediently serve. (12,000 words; Prequel to Bound by Lies and Loving the Master)

What I’m Writing:

(Untitled) – Paranormal/Fantasy, Hardcore BDSM, D/s – This story is about an M/M arranged marriage. I have the whole plot arc planned out in detail and 17,000 words written. It’s a kinky twist on various demands and conditions typically, historically placed upon women during marriages arranged by the betrothed couples’ parents. My short story, Cursed Blessings, was a dark, gritty look at a male pregnancy that transpired through paranormal means. Similarly, strongly in incorporating the paranormal element, this is my take on what happens when two young men are forced to participate in cultural rituals for the good of their families and their people, rather than out of love, and enter into a relationship with a distinct power dynamic, without prior knowledge of each other.

(Untitled)M/M BDSM Romance – Genderqueer, bisexual exotic dancer, Kerry, is going through an identity crisis following his breakup with trans boyfriend, Jamie. Flirtations with one of the club’s security guards – Irish, gay-curious Dom, Ewyn – leads to more, allowing Kerry to explore his submissive side for the very first time. 30,000 words written.

Sequel to Arctic Absolution – As Dixon and Jaye struggle to settle into a normal relationship without the threat of Marcus to get in the way, they think that the past is finally firmly behind them. But when Jaye is sent a reminder that being initiated into a gang, and owing people favors, means he can’t pretend the past away, Dixon must protect Jaye in terrifying new ways. 7,000 words written.

Sacred Submission (working title) – M/M BDSM Contemporary Romance; Aiden is a young man who has recently dropped out of theological school following a spiritual and identity crisis. He’s seduced by Cary, his free-spirited, artist neighbor while trying to rediscover his identity, exploring new, darker paths to happiness and fulfillment through absolute submission, the wonder of human connections and learning to trust. 30,000 words written.

Our Sins (Deliver Us 4) - Because this story will tie together the multiple stories/series, including Deliver Us, Bound by Lies, and Loving the Master, it’s currently on hold until I have less on my plate and more ability to focus on writing. Also, because Trace, Gabe and Dare will be appearing the the 4th installment of the Don’t… series by Jack L. Pyke, and Our Sins takes place after that, I’m also waiting to see how they fare :)

Song of the Lonesome Cowboy Reviews & News Roundup

Okay peeps, there’s been a crazy amount of stuff happening. This is a collection of all of the reviews and posts for Song of the Lonesome Cowboy that have gone up in the last couple of days. There are several giveaways happening right now, so check for them below…

NSFW Interview + GIVEAWAY at On Top Down Under Book Reviews (with tons of news on what’s up next from me!)

Sinfully Sexy DOUBLE GIVEAWAY, Guest Post + Review


~* 5 Hearts from MM Good Book Reviews *~

“Lynn Kelling has accomplished once again what she is so good at. Putting words on a page that turn into a living, breathing story… I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves when the good guys win. When you are constantly beat down but rise above it all. And, most of all, when love between two men is so infectious that you want to be a part of their joy.” – KathyMac, MM Good Book Reviews


~* 5 Acoustic Guitars from Bike Book Reviews *~

“Overall this is a wonderful book that I really hope you take a chance on, you will be very glad you did! Thank you Lynn, for giving us a read that is heartfelt, and beautifully written, I won’t soon forget Song of the Lonesome Cowboy!” – Becky, Bike Book Reviews


~* 5 Stars from Prism Book Alliance *~

“So Lynn Kelling finally wrote something sweet and fluffy!

Yeah, I’m kidding….this is just as dark and delicious as everything else I have read from this author!” – Caroline, Prism Book Alliance


~* 4.75 Stars from Joyfully Jay Reviews *~

“Exceptionally well written” – Michelle, Joyfully Jay


~* 4.5 Stars from The Blogger Girls *~

“Every time I have needed a fluff break, needed something to sink my teeth into, something that makes me feel, and I have opened a Lynn Kelling book, I have gotten exactly what I needed and have yet to be disappointed.” – JustJen, The Blogger Girls


I don’t have the proper words to express my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of the reviewers listed above. Know your feedback is invaluable to me and that I use it to continually strive to hone my craft. Your encouragement and kindness – along with that of each and every one of my readers – is one of the greatest rewards of this arduous process of book-writing. Much love to all and thank you for reading!

Release Day GIVEAWAYS & More

SongLonesomeCowboy_CvrPDFTo celebrate the release of Song of the Lonesome Cowboy, there are *2* DOUBLE GIVEAWAYS going on now! At Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews, along with the giveaway, I’m guest posting there talking about celebrity sexy scandals and there’s a review of the book by Macky:

~* 4.5 Stars from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews *~

“Tuck’s plaintive voice and Lynn Kelling’s excellent writing made this a compelling read, and a story that I’m still thinking about after finishing… Overall, an exhausting read but a bloody good one!” – Macky, Sinfully Sexy


AND at My Fiction Nook, you can find an exclusive excerpt from the book with ANOTHER DOUBLE GIVEAWAY of two copies of Song of the Lonesome Cowboy! Don’t miss out! ;)

Song of the Lonesome Cowboy is NOW AVAILABLE at FFP, Amazon & more…


Release Day: Song of the Lonesome Cowboy

SongLonesomeCowboy_CvrPDFWOOHOO! Song of the Lonesome Cowboy has been released! Find it here:

Fantastic Fiction Publishing
All Romance Ebooks


Please note, this is a very dark story with themes that may be triggers for some readers, so take a look at the content labels here

Come chat with me about it at the Release Party this Thursday, Feb. 12 at 8pm EST

Blurb: Tucker Reynolds is a rising star in country music. The people from his record label tell him he’s destined to be one of the greats—but only if he fits the “good ol’ boy” image country fans expect from him. The trouble is, that’s not the kind of man’s man Tucker really wants to be. Forced into an unsavory relationship with a record executive and frustrated by his regrettably platonic relationship with his best friend and guitarist, Mags Palmer, Tucker turns to kinky sex with male prostitutes for release. Things hit Tucker’s limit when one of Tucker’s bandmates, Jess Grayville, begins to suspect what’s going on, and puts himself in danger to protect Tucker. Desperate for a way out of his troubles, Tucker realizes only honesty, love, and a true song can save himself and the man who stands by him. (M/M)

~* 4 Hearts from Hearts on Fire Reviews *~

Despite all the darkness the author was able to conjure up through her words, there was always that thread of hope that kept me riveted until the end.” – Wendy, Hearts on Fire Reviews

~* 4.5 Stars from On Top Down Under Book Reviews *~

~* 4.5 Stars from My Fiction Nook *~

Thank you so much to all of the reviewers for their time and feedback!

Check out the Song of the Lonesome Cowboy Book Trailer!

MORE Rave Reviews for Twin Affairs + My Brother’s Lover

trrtoppicksI’m currently hard at work on editing Double Heat (Twin Ties 3) in preparation for its release, so it’s with a massive amount of pride and grateful joy that I share with you 2 new reviews for My Brother’s Lover (Twin Ties 1) and 2 new reviews for Twin Affairs (Twin Ties 2), including a 5 Star, Top Pick review from TRR!

MyBrothersLover_CvrMED~* 4 Stars from The Blogger Girls for My Brother’s Lover *~

“…this story screamed for me, and I enjoyed every single sinning moment. Now, I am going to read the sequel. Yep, I am thoroughly corrupted…and it feels so goooood.” – Susan65, The Blogger Girls


~* GGR Review on My Brother’s Lover *~

“I have a confession, I think MM twincest is Hot! This book was so much more, the story line was complex which I really enjoyed.” – Scott, GGR Review


705~* 5 Stars from The Romance Review & TOP PICK for Twin Affairs*~

“The sex is hot and the story is very well written. Lynn Kelling is an author that has quickly made my auto-buy list and I am very excited to read more of her work.” – WickedWolves&DreamingDemons, The Romance Review


~* 4.5 Stars from The Blogger Girls for Twin Affairs *~

“This was a huge, emotionally draining, angst-fest..and I loved that. Anything that gets my emotions invested is a winner for me. This is a big winner… The subject matter is not easy, but it is well written and the characters are relate-able. I’m looking forward to see where they go from here.” – Susan Sixty-Five, The Blogger Girls


It’s amazing that almost a year after their initial release, these books are still finding new readers who enjoy them, for which I’m very humbly grateful. Heartfelt thanks to all of the reviewers for taking a chance on these books and putting in the time to share their feedback. Book 3 is coming soon!!


*Currently still banned by Amazon in ebook format. Kindle format available through FFP, ARE & Smashwords!

Book Trailer + New My Brother’s Lover Review

I’m crazy excited to share with you the new book trailer for Song of the Lonesome Cowboy, my latest novel due for release 2/10/15! It was created by the talented KathyMac Reviews and I’m so thankful to her for work. It’s a great teaser to get you excited for what’s to come, so please take a look and enjoy :)

Just in case the YouTube version doesn’t work for you, here’s an alternative link.

Song of the Lonesome Cowboy can be pre-ordered now:
FFP | Amazon | ARE | Smashwords

MyBrothersLover_CvrMEDIt’s also a huge treat to get to share a new review for My Brother’s Lover from Joyfully Jay Reviews:


“Overall I was really impressed with this story. I’ll admit, I went into it for the thrill of the taboo and the promise of lots of sexiness, but I was so pleased to see how much substance there is to this story. Kelling does a great job developing these four characters and the relationships between them. I already have the second book in the series and am really anxious to see where things go for these men. So a great story and one I really enjoyed.” – Jay, Joyfully Jay Reviews

Thank you to them for their time and feedback!!

Pre-Release Review & Release Party – Song of the Lonesome Cowboy

A pre-release review for Song of the Lonesome Cowboy has come out at My Fiction Nook. This is what they had to say…

~* 4.5 STARS *~

“Lynn Kelling does an exceptional job painting a very real picture of a downward spiral and recovery. I at once hated and loved this story. It moved me. It shattered me. I licked up every drop of sweetness and craved more. Lord knows there’s never been a more hard-earned HEA. Song of the Lonesome Cowboy is as terrifying as it is beautiful. Highly recommended for those who dare.” – Dani, My Fiction Nook

Huge thanks to them for their feedback! Dani does a great job explaining the darkness of the story for more sensitive readers, so definitely check out her full review or the FFP story page for the content labels.

Come join me for the Song of the Lonesome Cowboy Release Party on 2/12/15 at 5pm PST (8 pm EST). It’ll be an intimate little chat about the book, and I’d love to see you there! Here’s the link for the chat room: http://www.chatzy.com/FFP-Chat

Song of the Lonesome Cowboy – Cover Reveal, Excerpts, Giveaways & Pre-Order Links

lk banner with release date_thumb[3]Click here or the graphic above to check out Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews’ Cover Reveal post for Song of the Lonesome Cowboy! I’m giving away 2 ebooks (winner’s choice from my back catalog), so visit and enter, or read an excerpt from the book. Thank you to them for the gorgeous graphic and for all of their work on the post!

10428564_1531799493761287_9084367770603335725_nAt Prism Book Alliance’s Cover Reveal post, there’s an entirely different excerpt and a GIVEAWAY for a copy of Song of the Lonesome Cowboy, so make sure you stop by there too! Thank you to them for everything!

Pre-order links available here (and content labels – this book is not for the faint of heart. It’s dark, disturbing, and very kinky). Pre-order available through FFP (earn bonus points!), ARE or Amazon.

(This awesome pair of graphics courtesy of the talented KathyMac Reviews. Thank you again to her! <3 ) I recently joined Pinterest and will be gathering all graphics and fanart there, so stop by or follow me. :)