New Bonus Short & Works in Progress

Here’s what I’m working on right now:

Escape – a flashback bonus short for Whatever the Cost. This story is about how a young man named Travis, who has been victimized and preyed upon by a pederast and sadist for most of his life, finally finds the way to break free. I’m working on edits right now and then it’ll be sent to be proofread. This story will be available ONLY to members of Forbidden Fiction, along with 4 other bonus shorts in various stages of completion (for Whatever the Cost AND Deliver Us).

Arctic Absolution – a novel about a cop and a convicted felon in the wilds of Alaska. The sexual tension in this story is thicker and more intense right from the get-go than possibly any other story I’ve ever written. I’m having a lot of fun writing it. I’m about 15k words in right now. The cop keeps trying to do the right thing but the beautiful, wickedly seductive convict is determined to use his charms to earn the protection and devotion he so desperately needs.

(Untitled) – an epic story of two sets of identical twin brothers that become inextricably entangled in each other’s lives as they deal with grief, attempted suicide, and the moral ramifications of the ultimate forbidden love. More on this project to come. The first draft is completed and right now is at 183k words.

D/s Novel Ties That Bind Now Under Contract!

Ties That Bind – a story of first love and the secret, passionate, boundary-breaking relationship between an employer and employee – has been accepted for publication by Fantastic Fiction! More details coming soon…

In other news, I’m currently reviewing final edits for Whatever the Cost which is almost ready for release! Once I have an official release date, I will post it here.