New Version of Whatever the Cost; Both books now @ Barnes & Noble!

Whatever the Cost has received many wonderful, 5-star reviews on places like ARE and Amazon, but also some comments on a couple of errors. The book has been re-proofed and a corrected version has been re-issued. Readers who bought the previous version can easily re-download the better version at no additional cost. New readers will automatically get the corrected version.

Now available through Barnes & Noble, find Deliver Us here and Whatever the Cost here!

I’m currently working on edits to the sequel to Deliver Us, now titled From Temptation. I can’t possibly express how proud I am of this book and can’t wait to share it with you. I will post a release date as soon as one is set.

There are many things in the works over at and encourage you to regularly check their new blog for site updates for the latest news on their progress with building their website and everything else that’s in the works. Very exciting stuff! Free memberships are available.