Expected Lies has been released!

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This short story is a good introduction to the world of Deliver Us for those of you who may not have read the books yet, and is a glimpse into some churning sexual tension and wild teenage exploits for the rest who already have.

Blurb: As Darrek reluctantly prepares for prom night, Kyle watches on with amusement. Darrek is frustrated with Kyle’s lack of interest in bringing a girl to the prom and staying by his side, but Kyle is unphased by his best friend’s increasingly strange emotional responses. Kyle has plans of his own that involve far less fancy clothing—far less clothing at all, really. Little does he know the extent of Darrek’s determination to get what he wants. (M/M)


Never Happened, another prequel of Deliver Us, will be released soon! Find information on the story page here.

Blurb: Gabriel Hunter is a professional Dominant with a dark past who has gotten so good at protecting his heart that he’s been left without love or intimacy, except with the friends he calls his family. Ben Knox, a fellow Dominant and Gabriel’s closest friend, can’t resist the chance to screw around with him, using a fleeting moment to try to show Gabriel all that he’s been missing. (M/M)

Deliver Us Prequel Released This Week, Whatever the Cost Prequels Coming Soon

Expected Lies, the first of 2 Deliver Us prequels, is to be released this week! This short story features high-school-aged Darrek and Kyle. Follow the link for a story blurb (links to buy will be posted here, too). A second prequel, Never Happened, will also be released soon, and introduces Dominant Gabriel Hunter before Darrek came into his life.

Two prequels to Whatever the Cost are to be released very soon as well. Escape and Between Here and There feature young Travis and young Avery respectively, before they took on their pseudonyms of Jacen and Liam. For story blurbs click here.

Release dates, cover art and further information to come!

Deliver Us Prequels, Bound By Lies and More

I’m excited to announce that two prequels to Deliver Us will be released in the next few weeks! These two short stories feature the main characters from the series. Never Happened gives a glimpse into Gabriel’s life before he met Darrek. Expected Lies goes further back in time, taking place on Darrek and Kyle’s prom night in high school. Both stories also serve as good introductions to the Deliver Us universe for those that haven’t yet taken the plunge. Release information and cover art to come!

My next novel release will be Bound By Lies, an M/M BDSM Romance. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work on this story. It’s not nearly as dark as some of my other work and explores the dynamics of a secret workplace romance when submission and the social confines of small town life are involved. This book is in the final editorial stages.

Another stand-alone short story coming soon is My Cursed Blessing. It’s my interpretation of Mpreg, so it’s gruesome, wicked and heartwarming all at the same time, like a twisted fairytale. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Lastly, I’ve recently signed up to participate in the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I have some personal stories to share, concerning some of my experiences with bullying and homophobia. My post will be up on May 17, 2013 and I will be doing a giveaway of one of my books for those that comment on the post.