Between Here and There, A Cursed Blessing, Bound by Lies & more

It’s safe to say this is the busiest I’ve ever been with my writing. I’m leaving this week to go on a road trip with the family to Florida, so I’ll be managing things remotely until the beginning of July. At the moment I have 11 active stories and 3 others simply waiting for my editor to get to them. 5 of those stories are being released soon – Bound by Lies, A Cursed Blessing, Between Here and There, Escape, and Trick and Truth. The 1st of those will be Between Here and There, which should be available through in a matter of days, so keep an eye on the story page, or go read the excerpt now! Between Here and There, Escape, and Trick and Truth are all prequels to Whatever the Cost, featuring Liam, Jacen and Timothy.

My editor is currently working with me on My Brother, Myself, Book 1 and Book 2. We’re both really excited to get both the 1st and 2nd books of that series done quickly and made available to you.

A Cursed Blessing is my 1st supernatural gay romance. This short story will be available through all vendors (Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc.). It’s currently only waiting on cover art as it’s prepared for release!

Bound by Lies, my next novel-length release, should be back from the proofreader any day now. In addition to the prequel to this story, Learning From the Master, which I’ve just received the contract for, I’m also working on a spin-off novel about the mysterious and wealthy Master, David Davenport who falls head over heels for poor, lovable waiter Shea.

There’s so many awesome stories coming your way, just bear with us as we get them all over that finish line. Don’t forget to log in this month over at or get a free membership for your chance to win free stuff! Author interviews and story promos are being posted all month long. Thanks for reading!

Interview & Deliver Us 3

I’ve been interviewed over at Jack L. Pyke’s blog. If you’re interested in hearing about the prequels to Deliver Us and Whatever the Cost, Deliver Us 3 and some of my other forthcoming projects, go on and check it out. Jack had some awesome questions for me about my writing process and how I handle some of the darker psychological aspects of my work. I also have a one-on-one chat with one of my fabulous readers, Kristie.

In related news, I have finished writing the first draft of Deliver Us 3, Forgive Us Our Sins. I’m so excited with how it turned out. There’s a little something for everyone in it, as it addresses the ongoing saga of Gabe and Dare, as well as that of Ben and Kyle, though the focus of the tale deals with Trace and Micah. As previously mentioned, the characters Gray, Jack and Jan from the novel Don’t… by Jack L. Pyke also make an appearance and play an intrinsic part in how everything comes together. For even more clues as to the future of the Deliver Us series, be sure to check out my interview!

Contest Winner Announcement

The winner of a free ebook in my Hop Against Homophobia blog giveaway contest (selected using a randomizer program) is Sophie Bonaste! Congratulations! (An email is speeding its way to you right now.)

A huge thank you also to everyone that participated in the hop and left comments here on my blog. Those of you who bravely shared your stories truly touched my heart and I thank you for speaking up. It was a pleasure to take part in this blog hop, and quite a freeing experience to be able to publicly share my experiences with bullying and homophobia.

I will also be participating in GLBT Pride Month along with Beth Wylde’s Yahoo group and Forbidden Fiction. will be guest hosting the chat on June 9th. For more chances to win FREE books, read excerpts, sample chapters and author interviews as well as live chat with myself, other authors with Forbidden Fiction and staff, I hope you’ll join us then!