New Deliver Us Prequels Coming Soon

I’m thrilled to announce that not one, but two prequels to the Deliver Us series are not only written, but already in the editing stage, headed for release very shortly! Cross your fingers as we hope for an early May release of Forgive Us (Deliver Us Book #3). These two shorts are part of our celebration of this expansion of the world of Gabe, Dare, Ben, Kyle, Trace and Micah to include the characters Jack, Jan and Gray from Jack L. Pyke’s Don’t… series as part of The Society of Masters shared world project. I’m also excited to say that a fourth novel in the Deliver Us series, titled Our Sins, is in the works!

Read more about the Deliver Us prequels below:

Divine Surrender (M/M, BDSM Romance) – When Ben Knox discovers a clean-cut, blond, apparently-straight teenager named Kyle Roth in his office, looking for a professional Dominant to whom he feels comfortable submitting, instinct draws him in. Since the exceedingly particular Kyle has already passed on fellow Dominants-for-hire, Gabriel and Trace, Ben digs down beneath first impressions to expose Kyle’s true motivations. Reassured by Ben’s straightforward approach, Kyle demonstrates his willingness to obey and, quickly, their contract is signed. But, skillful as Kyle is at masquerading as the person the world expects him to be out of self-preservation, Ben has plenty of experience dealing with bruised souls. Though he isn’t afraid of the darkness implied by Kyle’s drug use, distance and deceptions, it’s the intense, bashful beauty and brazen vulnerability of Kyle’s submission that takes them both farther than either is prepared to go.

Pleasure of Paradise (M/M, BDSM Romance) – To celebrate their two year anniversary, Gabriel Hunter and Darrek Grealey escape to a tropical island in the Florida Keys catering only to Masters and slaves of the BDSM community. The types of gifts Darrek and Gabriel give each other during the trip are vastly different, testing them both even as they fall deeper in love, rediscovering the pleasures brought of the power dynamic which first caused them to fall in love. As the end of their trip draws near, Gabriel plans a surprise for Darrek unlike anything he’s previously faced. Darrek is forced to choose between his instinct to doubt himself and the chance to trust Gabriel in ways he’s never dreamed possible.


Two other prequels featuring Gabe, Dare, Ben and Kyle are AVAILABLE NOW, exclusively through Fantastic Fiction Publishing.
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Twin Ties Reviews, Guest Post & Giveaways

PicMonkeyCollage_zps74dde3d0“To say I was fascinated with this story is an understatement. Going into this I wasn’t expecting to find such multi layered characters. I’m embarrassed to say I expected a lot of sex and not much else when I received these two books to review. Now, the sex was hot, a little kinky and very well written, but so much more. I give kudos to Ms. Kelling for giving us such a wonderful story with unforgettable characters and proving me wrong.” – Lynn, The Novel Approach

4 Stars from The Novel Approach!

5 Hearts from MM Good Book Reviews!

Today, the folks over at The Novel Approach were kind enough to invite me to make a guest appearance on their blog. I talked about my inspiration for this series, stemming from Greek mythology, in order to explore the idea of soulmates and the search for one’s missing half. Check out the post here, and leave a comment for a chance to win BOTH books!

Many thanks to the folks at The Novel Approach and MM Good Book Reviews for their time.