Lonesome Cowboy, Arctic Absolution & Loving the Master

Some of the things that have been keeping me busy lately are my novels Song of the Lonesome Cowboy, Arctic Absolution, and Loving the Master. I’m currently working on edits for Song of the Lonesome Cowboy, and Arctic Absolution should be coming back my way any day now too. I wrote these two books about a year ago, and I’ve been really eager to get to this point of getting them ready for release.

Song of the Lonesome Cowboy is a very dark, twisted story about a sweet country singer who has spent years lying to his best friends and band members about the predatory, powerful man stalking and threatening him. There’s a heartwarming love story woven in there, too, and the balance of dark and light has made this story a deliciously guilty pleasure of mine for a while.

Arctic Absolution is one of my more straightforward love stories, though of course it has its dark, disturbing elements as well. Thirty-two-year-old Dixon Rowe is an Alaska State Trooper who intercepts a robbery in progress one evening at the local general store where he first encounters the perpetrator, Jaye Jarson, a twenty-one ex-con and former gang member. The more Dixon tries to do the right thing by Jaye, who has been isolated, freezing and starving in a small cabin on the edge of the wilderness, the more dangerous things become for both of them as Jaye’s survival instincts and Dixon’s past with his violent ex instantly clash. This story is one I’ve often gone back to re-read just for pleasure in my downtime and I’m beyond excited to share it!

And, finally, Loving the Master is a prequel to Bound by Lies and part of the Society of Masters universe, but also a standalone story about how billionaire Dom, David Davenport, fell in love with an awkward, near-homeless waiter named Shea Whittier. I just finished writing the first draft and have submitted it for publication with Forbidden Fiction.

Next up on my radar is writing the 4th book in the Forgive Us series, and the 4th book in the Twin Ties series.

June Prism Recommended Read

PBA_Recommended_ReadMy Brother’s Lover AND Forgive Us have been chosen as two of Prism Book Alliance’s June Recommended Reads! Click here to enter the giveaway!

Huge thanks and much gratitude to the lovely folks at Prism for selecting my books.

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