Rave Reviews for Arctic Absolution

8 reviews for Arctic Absolution have been posted in the past two days, along with two guest blog appearances I’ve made. It means quite a lot to see such positive feedback on something I’ve put so much of my heart and soul into. Here’s a look into what each of the reviewers had to say, along with links if you’d like to read more. Don’t miss the two giveaways (listed below)!

4.5 Stars from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

“Lynn Kelling is my kind of author and I love her writing, in this book she made me think and analyse my own feelings and emotions. Her characterization in Dixon and Jaye is excellent and drew me in from the first page, and to be honest… I couldn’t put this book down! She writes raw, gritty kink which very often takes you to the dark side which can be hard to read, and certainly will not be to everyone’s taste but for me, the depraved soul that I am, a lover of books that make me feel and evoke emotion… this is perfect.” – Monique, Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

Guest Post – A Word From Lynn Kelling: Judging by Appearances
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5 Stars from On Top Down Under Book Reviews

“….It is a romance but it’s a romance frosted in a twisted and gritty icing. The sex is often incendiary, sometimes it’s gut-wrenching, often edged in kink with some dark and rather… interesting role play….This book is a wonderful mix of the psychological and deeply erotic. Sometimes off-beat and boundary pushing, it makes for one hell of a ride.” – Kazza K, On Top Down Under Book Reviews

Arctic Absolution has been announced as Kazza K’s BOOK OF THE YEAR!


5 Stars from The Novel Approach

“I loved how the author approached this story. We have two men, one who appears weak and helpless, and another who, while on the outside is strong and robust, is actually the weaker of the two. Seeing them help and understand one another was at times very sweet. And even though the nightmares, past and present, continued, they weren’t as scary anymore, they had each other now. Watching Dixon and Jaye discover each other was beautiful, but the darkness was always there and lying in wait to rear its ugly face….Overall, I absolutely, without a doubt loved this book.” Lynn, The Novel Approach


5 Stars from Prism Book Alliance

“This is old Lynn Kelling with a hit of something very new, something that will make you cry at the helplessness of the situation but will buoy you up with a contrasting love story that is so very hard to obtain.” – Caroline, Prism Book Alliance


5 Stars from The Blogger Girls

“This is one fabulous intense read from beginning almost to the end. There are some tender moments here and there, and while there were a lot of heavy issues going on, there were sweet and happy times as well. These guys each struggle with their own issues, but together, they help each other get past them.” – Jen, The Blogger Girls

Honorary Blogger Lynn Kelling: Hearing Voices


5 Stars from MM Good Book Reviews

“Arctic Absolution, as with all of her novels, has characters that you quickly form an attachment with. She allows both of her MC’s to have a voice, giving you, the reader, an inside connection to both. The frozen landscape of Alaska will set the scene and become a place that Dixon and Jaye will begin to heal and set their roots.” – Kathy, MM Good Book Reviews


5 Stars from Bike Book Reviews

“The journey these two remarkable men take to true love will make you cry, laugh, and get mad at the world, but it will not once make you regret reading this book!” – Bec, Bike Book Reviews


4.5 Stars from My Fiction Nook

“It’s emotionally shattering but brilliant, frustrating but redemptive. It made me cry, and it made me think….I believed in their love because it didn’t come easily.” Dani, My Fiction Nook

Huge, heartfelt thanks to all of the reviewers for their time, work, and feedback.

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Release Day for Arctic Absolution

ArcticAbsolution_Cvr_MedIt’s release day! Arctic Absolution is currently available through Fantastic Fiction, Amazon, All Romance eBooks & Smashwords.

Chat with me this Thursday about the book!

New 5 STAR review from Bike Book Reviews here! They said:

“This is a keeper! Thanks Lynn, for one that I will re-read over and over!”
– Bec, Bike Book Reviews


Many thanks to them!

5 STAR review from On Top Down Under Book Reviews. Arctic Absolution is also their Book of the Year!

4.5 STAR review from My Fiction Nook.

Blurb: In the frozen expanses of remote Alaska, Dixon Rowe is a good man and a good cop who keeps finding himself in bed with the enemy. After he picks up a young ex-con named Jaye Larson for stealing food, Dixon gets seduced by the possibility of helping someone truly in need. Though he tells himself he’s assisting young Jaye out of the goodness of his heart, not because of how sexy Jaye is under all of the tattoos and defiance, the temptations of sin entangle them as their hostile environment threatens. Both of their pasts are filled with malicious ghosts that haunt every step, and while Jaye’s demons are less tangible that Dixon’s, they are all powerful enough to put both of their lives in danger.

Trigger warnings for history of mental, emotional, and sexual abuse, including on-page, detailed descriptions of rape and violence, via flashback and current.

~* 2014 Book of the Year *~

giphy-3OKAY, WHAT JUST HAPPENED??!! Is this even real life?? Arctic Absolution is Kazza K’s 2014 Book of the Year!! Click the image above for the full write up and review!

This news has absolutely taken my breath away. There is NOTHING better than to have someone love my characters and their story as much as I do. To say Jaye and Dixon are pieces of me would be an understatement, so just heaps and heaps of appreciative love to Kazza K and On Top Down Under Book Reviews for this recognition. It honestly means the world to me <3

Arctic Absolution is released Tuesday, Dec. 16! Pre-order links for all vendors HERE.

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Book News Roundup

Happy December, everyone! There’s a lot going on right now, so I thought I’d share the latest updates on each of my stories currently in progress. There’s plenty to be excited about 😀

ArcticAbsolution_Cvr_MedArctic Absolution: Will be released in two weeks (12/16/14)! Pre-order now from Amazon, Smashwords, ARe, or FFP (<– get 16 bonus points if you order from FFP)

Add it on Goodreads. Check out the pre-release review from On Top Down Under Book Reviews (5 Stars!).

Arctic Absolution has also gotten 4.5 Stars in a Pre-release Review from My Fiction Nook:

Arctic Absolution is the first Lynn Kelling book I’ve read. It’s emotionally shattering but brilliant, frustrating but redemptive. It made me cry, and it made me think.” – Dani, My Fiction Nook

Huge, heartfelt thanks to them for their time and kind feedback on the book! 🙂

Song of the Lonesome Cowboy:  Will be released in February! Cover reveal coming soon. Add it on Goodreads here.

Blurb: Tucker Reynolds is a humble singer/songwriter both blessed and burdened by his success in the country music industry. Stalked by a predator from his past and struggling with guilt over his secret lust for his childhood best friend and guitarist, Magnusson ‘Mags’ Palmer, Tucker’s carefully crafted lies are his main means of self-defense, but they slowly begin to unravel. Kinky sex with prostitutes hastens a downward spiral that he searches to escape from. At the end of a successful tour, before heading home to Nashville, Tucker seeks solitude in order to come to terms with the guilt over things he has done to which he has never confessed. Only Tucker’s devoted, less-assuming band mate, Jess Grayville, suspects the truth about the nightmare Tucker is privately battling. Jess attempts to protect Tucker from those who would do him harm, even when the person putting him in the most danger isn’t reckless Mags, but Tucker, himself. Realizing that the best way out of the dark of his past and into the light of forgiveness is by finally admitting to the truth, Tucker strives to listen to his heart and write a song that he knows could save him. (M/M)

Double Heat (Twin Ties 3): Now that my editorial plate has been cleared, this book will be my editing priority for the next few months. Fingers crossed for a spring release.

Also waiting to be edited: Loving the Master (M/M BDSM Romance), Learning from the Master (M/M BDSM Romance, bonus story connecting Bound by Lies with Loving the Master. Part of The Society of Masters.)

Caged Jaye (Prequel to Arctic Absolution): This dark, intense novel about Jaye’s life leading up to and including his years in prison has been completed and submitted to Forbidden Fiction. I’m hoping they approve and will be sending the contract soon.

NEW: (Untitled) – M/M BDSM Romance – Genderqueer, bisexual exotic dancer, Kerry, is going through an identity crisis following his breakup with trans boyfriend, Jamie. Flirtations with one of the club’s security guards – Irish, gay-curious Dom, Ewyn – leads to more, allowing Kerry to explore his submissive side for the very first time.

This story is my current writing focus, and I’m about 20k words (or roughly 6 chapters) into it.

Our Sins (Deliver Us 4) & Twin Ties 4 are also being written. Because Our Sins takes place after Jack L. Pyke‘s forthcoming novel, Gray Matters, which will effect Gabe, Dare and Trace, I’ve been temporarily holding off on focusing my energy on it until I see how Gray Matters shakes out. I’ve made progress on Twin Ties 4, but edits to Twin Ties 3 may effect its course.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions you may have, so never hesitate to email me or comment here on the site. I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Thanks as always for reading! <3