On Top Down Under Book Reviews takes on Twin Ties 1 & 2

Kazza K and On Top Down Under Book Reviews has just reviewed My Brother’s Lover (Twin Ties 1) and Twin Affairs (Twin Ties 2). Both reviews do a great job teasing the plot and are filled with some incredibly hot pics and GIFs with quotes from the book (some in the reviews and others on On Top Down Under Book Review’s Tumbr). These links are all NSFW and 18+ so be warned before you click! ūüėČ

4 Stars for My Brother’s Lover

“This is without a doubt my favourite twincest book…¬†Lynn Kelling is¬† beautifully unapologetic in her writing of these incredibly¬†sexy and flawed guys, and that makes for genuinely good reading. Highly recommended for fellow kinksters and twincest lovers.” – Kazza, On Top Down Under Book Reviews


4.5 Stars for Twin Affairs

“Lynn Kelling would never let you¬†down in the erotic stakes and Twin Affairs¬†is go- for-broke-fucking with emotion and lashings of heat…¬†I think Twin Affairs¬†is even better than My Brother‚Äôs Lover, and I‚Äôm not¬†a¬† series reader. There is plenty of sex again in this book, no complaints, it is hot, hot, hot. But there‚Äôs¬†also¬†interesting, engaging characters, primary and secondary,¬†and a nicely¬†developing¬†story.” – Kazza, On Top Down Under Book Reviews

As stated in the review, Twin Affairs is banned by Amazon but Kindle ebooks are available through Fantastic Fiction Publishing, All Romance Ebooks & Smashwords.

HUGE, heartfelt thanks to Kazza & On Top Down Under Book Reviews for all of their time, work and feedback <3

I’m currently editing Double Heat (Twin Ties 3), which should be released in just a few months!