Guest Post, Giveaway & Rave Review for Bound by Lies

Thursday, June 24th, the folks at Sinfully… Addicted to All Male Romance have invited me to be a guest author. Stop by their site to read my post, Behind the Mask: Becoming a Dom. I’ll be doing a giveaway of a copy of Learning from the Master and a copy of Bound by Lies, so don’t miss out!

554I’m also delighted to share their review by Macky of Bound by Lies

~* 5 Stars for Bound by Lies *~

“From the beginning it’s a complicated relationship that even though at times is frustrating and maddening, is also compellingly beautiful, emotionally heart stopping and off the charts HOT!!! Kinky fuckery that had me all of a tremble and totally in awe of Lynn Kellings ability to make the dynamics of their intense, no holds barred play, feel authentic and not just the formulaic ‘bdsm 101’ you generally find in m/m romance… I LOVED this book!” – Macky, Sinfully… Addicted to All Male Romance

Thank you so, so much to Macky, Monique & everyone at Sinfully… for all of their wonderful feedback on the Manse series books and for letting me stop by! I’m working remotely from the road right now with limited internet/computer access, so I’ll update with the exact link as soon I’m able.

In other news, the release date for Double Heat (Twin Ties 3) has been moved up from September to August 25th! Stay posted for the cover reveal and more information…

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Review Recap for Learning from the Master!

LearningFTMaster_CvrPDFI’m absolutely stunned by the fabulous reviews that have come in for Learning from the Master. Check them out…

~* 5 STARS from Sinfully… Addicted to All Male Romance *~

“I don’t know what Lynn Kelling was on when she wrote this novella, chocolate, wine, coffee or maybe some kind of aphrodisiac, ‘cause holy hotness, I might need to ship it out to her in crates because I want more! This book is HOT as frickin hell, but not in your face porny hot or sugary kink, it’s classy BDSM, a powerful, yet subtle seduction, with erotic undertones that create an air of sexual tension that literally had me tingling all over! I’m not kidding… I was tingling!” – Monique, Sinfully… Addicted to All Male Romance

* * *


~* 5 Stars from MM Good Book Reviews *~

“This is a great introduction into how Jenner gets his start of being a Master. Lynn is a great storyteller and one of the best when it comes to BDSM. Every story I’ve read by her always has my full attention and I quickly become enthralled in the storyline.

Whether it’s a novella or a full novel Lynn tells the story brilliantly. You definitely want to read this if you have read Bound by Lies and if you haven’t I would encourage you to read both.” – KathyMac, MM Good Book Reviews

* * *


~* 5 Chain Handcuffs from Bike Book Reviews *~

“David takes Jenner under his wing when he finds out the boy’s true nature and what follows is 40 hells kind of HOT!!! I love this little short and seeing as it is a prequel to Bound By Lies, which is already out, this will make you understand Jenner better if you have already read it!

Read this one friends, it is hot hot hot, and a wonderful story to boot! Thanks Lynn, for giving us a read with both heat and substance!” – Becky, Bike Book Reviews

* * *

~* 4.5 Stars from Prism Book Alliance *~

“There is the usual Lynn Kelling heat within the pages and as always at the end you are left yearning for more. I am very much looking forward to reading more about David and Shea.” – Caroline, Prism Book Alliance

* * *

~* 4 STARS from Boys in Our Books *~

“In those first moments when Jenner meets Master David Davenport, I knew I was in for a fun ride. It’s beautiful, sexy, very steamy, and seriously exciting… Come on in! This is your invitation to go to Manse and get a little kinky. I think you’ll enjoy it.” – Kristie, Boys in Our Books

* * *

~* 4 Stars from The Blogger Girls *~

“I loved how Master David was with Jenner and how he helped Jenner realize his dreams were within reach… There are so many wonderful scenes in this short story that only left me longing to go read Bound by Lies to see how Jenner makes out on his own. This was a well written BDSM tale that really just sets the stage for the main story. Another fantastic job by Ms. Kelling.” – JustJen, The Blogger Girls

* * *

A thousand heartfelt thanks & much love to all of the reviewers for their time and efforts. I really appreciate the feedback, which I always strive to use to grow as a writer and inspire my work. Life has been a whirlwind lately, and quite mentally and emotionally trying, so I’m using this encouragement as motivation to keep working and trying to do my best. xoxo

NEW RELEASE: Learning from the Master

LearningFTMaster_CvrPDFLearning from the Master (Manse #0.5) releases today! It’s available in all ebook formats through all major vendors, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks & Smashwords. If you purchase directly from Fantastic Fiction, you can not only get 10% with the June Pride Month sale, but you’ll earn bonus points and help support me as the author.



This is an M/M BDSM Romance novella. It’s part of the Society of Masters and a prequel to Bound by Lies, though it can be read as a standalone story! It also introduces the characters David and Shea from my next novel release, Loving the Master, also coming very soon!

Blurb: Most things in life come easily to eighteen-year-old Jenner Parrish, who’s on track to inherit the family business, and is popular, well-liked and good looking. He has everything he could want, except when it comes to love, and sex. Closeted, lonely and desperate, he acquires an invitation to an event at a nearby private gay club, Manse. Feeling out of his element and for the first time quite shy, Jenner is unable to play the wallflower when he captures the attention of the suave, seductive owner of Manse, David Davenport. David is used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is gorgeous young Jenner, who begins to realize every fantasy and wild desire could be his for the taking, if only he dares to ask and obediently serve. (M/M/M – For content labels and excerpt, see details on publisher’s site here.)


Reclaiming his hand, Jenner felt the skin almost tingling where David had touched it, like he had the ability to set the molecules in your skin vibrating and knocking around with excitement.

Jenner’s mind went blank. His tongue felt thick and clumsy in his mouth and he glanced down with embarrassment at his own less impressive shirt and slacks. If the other guys on his team could have seen him then, they would have laughed their asses off. He’d never felt so out of his element, but he knew he needed to catch up, fast.

“Back to my original question,” David said, his voice low, his tone making it feel like this was a private conversation, just between them. Somehow, he was paying even closer attention to Jenner, and the rest of the room, the rest of the entire mansion, faded back. All that mattered was keeping David’s attention, and doing anything that might impress him. If Jenner could impress David, he’d have it made. “What I’d meant to say was… what in particular brings you here tonight, Mr. Parrish? I make sure to know who my guests are. It’s only polite, don’t you think? But, with someone as… intriguing and attractive as you, I knew I had to come and introduce myself. I know more than your name, you know. I already know exactly what I want from you. What I don’t know is what it is you’re looking for. The reason you’ve sought us out.”

There were discreetly dressed security guys flanking both entrances to the room, keeping an eye on them and everyone else nearby. Jenner didn’t know how he hadn’t noticed them earlier. They must have arrived with David because they hadn’t been there before. The pressure mounted even higher, the thrill of what was happening even bigger but Jenner kept tripping over his attempts to reply, stammering, “I, uh… um…”

He couldn’t tell the truth, which was that he was hard up. It was too pathetic.

“Are you looking to meet someone?” David guessed. His voice was hushed but, other than the guards, no one else nearby was paying them much attention. “Looking for a boyfriend, maybe? Or just a blowjob? Something… dirtier?”

Jenner’s blood pressure shot through the roof, his heart pounding, his skin too tight. Suddenly overheated, he felt constricted by his clothes and too aware of each and every part of his body. It was like being thrown into a game where all of the rules had changed on him and he just had to scramble to figure things out play by play, move by move.

“I’m not sure. I don’t… Not a boyfriend, no. Just… company.”

More people were gathering in the room. Drawn to David, maybe? They kept their distance, but some of them began glancing their way. David raised his eyebrows at Jenner’s answer. “Conversation then? A game of pool or cards?”

“No,” Jenner laughed breathlessly, his skin too hot, his body too big and cumbersome. “Not exactly.”

“Then what exactly? Please. Tell me. It’s all right.” His lip caught between his teeth again, and Jenner stared at that, breathing a little harder. “I mean, I can’t help you get it if I don’t know what it is you’re after, can I?”

Busy Week: Free Read, Savings, A New Release & More

DeliverUs2There’s a lot happening this week! Today the 3rd chapter of Deliver Us, titled The Renunciation, was posted today. It’s a FREE read at if you’re a member. Memberships are free and easy to sign up for. A new chapter of Deliver Us will be posted every Monday. There are also a bunch of other amazing stories being serialized, so go check it out…

Also at, June is Pride Month, which means 10% OFF ALL ebooks with code at checkout.

LearningFTMaster_CvrPDFTomorrow Learning from the Master is released!! Check out this NSFW review posted at On Top Down Under Book Reviews…

~* 4 Stars *~

“Nice reading with super-sexy writing and a titillating look into what’s to come.” – Kazza K, On Top Down Under Book Reviews

Huge thanks to Kazza and On Top Down Under Book Reviews for their feedback!

In other news, I’m 45k words into writing a new novel. It’s a Gay For You, MM, D/s Romance about a devilish painter and his unsuspecting, sweet, bi-curious muse. There’s a lot of heat and tenderness in this one and I’m having a blast writing it. I’ll also be on vacation out of the country starting this Sunday (taking the kids to Niagara Falls and hitting a few other places on the way back down home throughout the week). I’ll be back the following Saturday. After the loss of my youngest brother at the end of April, and being swamped with work since, it’ll be a desperately needed break and some quality time with hubby and the munchkins. I’ll be monitoring things as best as I am able, but please bear with me if I seem hard to get a hold of or missing in action for a few days. Thanks! Happy Monday to ya.

Read Deliver Us for FREE at starting today!

DeliverUs2As part of their new website, Forbidden Fiction is serializing its fiction starting with 3 books – Deliver Us, Blindsided by Ann Ruby (June 3), & Exodus (House of Silence #1) by J.A. Jaken (June 5). New chapters will be posted weekly and available to read and discuss for free for members. Signing up for a membership is also free and easy to do. If you’ve already read the book, you can still follow along and discuss the chapters with me in the comments section for each chapter (but remember, no spoilers!). Come discover some great erotic fiction, read stories, chat with the authors and stay posted on all the latest posts & releases…

The 1st chapter of Deliver Us was posted today, so make sure you stop by and give it a read!