Jack L. Pyke Shares Worlds with Lynn Kelling


Today at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews, I’m chatting with Jack L Pyke as part of her Behind the Scene Blog Tour for the release of Backlash. Stop by to get the inside info on how Trace, Gabe, Dare and Master Nicholai from the Deliver Us series are involved in Backlash, and other tidbits about our shared world project, The Society of Masters. Jack had tons of great questions for me and I guarantee you’ll find out something you didn’t know before. Find out about what’s next, the chronological reading order of the Society of Masters books, and much more!

The comment-based giveaway at Sinfully is for 1 lucky winner to receive ebook copies of the complete Don’t series AND the complete Deliver Us series, so don’t miss out! There’s also a Rafflecopter giveaway of a paperback copy of Backlash!

Thank you to Jack for the in-depth questions and for treating my guys so kindly during their visit 🙂

Backlash is released tomorrow, January 19th.

The Backlash book trailer:

7th Anniversary Sponsor of the Goodreads BDSM Group


I’m pleased to announce I’ll be a Sponsor of the 7th Anniversary of the BDSM Group on Goodreads. Along with a ton of other authors, I’ll be offering up three books as prizes in the games – Bound by Lies, Deliver Us & Loving the Master. There will be multiple copies of each given away, so don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to win! I urge you to become a member now if you haven’t done so already!

sponsorlg2016biggerKey Dates:

  • February 1st, the games begin.
  • February 6th, first set of prize winners will be selected
    • Every Saturday after, prize winners will be selected through March 15, 2016.
  • February 29th, the games end.


Goodreads M/M Romance Member’s Choice Award Nominations

I’ve been fortunate to have been nominated in 3 categories for the Goodreads M/M Romance 2015 Member’s Choice Awards. Double Heat has been nominated in the Best Polyamorous and the Best Kink/Fetish categories. Song of the Lonesome Cowboy has been nominated in the Best Dark Theme category. Thanks and hugs to the readers who did the nominating! Please stop by to vote if you’re a member of the M/M Romance group on Goodreads (the links below will only work if you are)! Polls close at 6 pm eastern time on January 15. <3

Best Dark Theme voting link…
Best Polyamorous voting link…
Best Kink/Fetish voting link…

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The Manse Series is Favorite Series of 2015 for Monique at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

CX6U1uNWQAAVP9X*flail of joy* OMG! The Manse series is Monique’s pick for Favorite 2015 Series over at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews! I’m hugely honored by the news because I know how many amazing series are out there right now. Please take a moment to stop by to see Monique’s other picks for her 2015 Favorites. While you’re there, make sure to vote in their Readers’ Choice Awards and enter to win a Kindle eBook from your TBR list…

Thank you again to Monique <3 These have been the toughest holidays of my life for several reasons but this news has really lifted my spirits and has helped motivate me to keep writing. Knowing my hard work is appreciated this much is more than I could ask and I’m truly grateful.