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My awesomesauce publisher, Forbidden Fiction, always has several books and short stories serializing as free reads for members at a given time. Right now, I have TWO novels serializing with FREE chapters being posted every week—From Temptation and Whatever the Cost! The free reads are available for members of the site, but it’s free and easy to sign up, so what are you waiting for?? It’s a great way to check out new authors and sample some of the amazing fiction being released from people who believe steaming hot stories shouldn’t skimp on plot or quality writing.

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From Temptation’s Blurb: Kyle Roth is no longer safe–not from his lover, not from his friends and, especially, not from himself. Questioning the choices that led him to a life of submission to the potentially dangerous Dominant, Ben Knox, Kyle sees no other way out than through old vices. Just when Kyle assumes all hope is lost he is saved by the persistence of an old enemy, Gabriel Hunter. Worse yet, a secret past withheld from Darrek–Kyle’s friend and Gabriel’s partner–threatens to destroy them all! (M/M)

Whatever the Cost’s Blurb: Liam and Jacen are roommates–and elite prostitutes working for a secret organization, The Company. They spend their lives making fantasies come true for spoiled, dangerous clients. In the midst of daily risk of emotional and physical damage, their friendship has been an island of sanity and safety. When The Company orders them to do a job together requiring them to cross the no-sex boundary that has kept them friends, Liam and Jacen must examine how they really feel about each other, and how far they are truly willing to go. Is this the life they want? Used to offering up their bodies without protest to the mercurial whims of others while fiercely guarding their hearts, the true meaning of love and consent is a challenge neither has ever faced before. (M/M)