A Gift from FFP – Arctic Absolution for FREE!

12days2016_ffpArcticAbsolution_CvrReduxMEDForbidden Fiction has been running a giveaway of a free download each day for 12 days. On the 23rd (today? tomorrow? check your calendar!), the download will be my novel, Arctic Absolution! Go here for more information on how to get your copy (hint: there’s a download code) and check out all of the other awesome offerings.

The sequel to Arctic Absolution will be coming in 2017, so here’s your chance to read up on Jaye and Dixon before their new adventures begin.

It’s been a weird but wonderfully peaceful holiday so far for me (*knocks wood that it keeps going that way*) and I wish the same for all of you. Excitement, oddities, fun, festivity and no unwanted drama for everyone! Be well, make merry and toast to good things on the way in 2017. Thank you all for reading. Take care of yourselves. xoxo

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