Cover Reveal for Arctic Restitution

ArcticRestitution_RevealPDF-194x300It’s cover reveal day! The gorgeous new artwork for my forthcoming release, Arctic Restitution, has been posted at Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews and at MM Book Escape!!

Stop by and see Jaye and Dixon, and learn more about the novel! It’s being released May 23rd, 2017, with a full blog tour and tons of chances to win free copies of the book. We’ve got ALL of the guys in this one—Jaye, Dixon, Cash, and many more! (So much more, LOL!)



Blog Tour dates: May 22-26

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Book News! So Much Book News!

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that’s because I’ve been hard at work (on writing/editing and on taking care of myself). But I have great news to share with you. On May 23rd, Arctic Restitution—the 3rd novel in the saga of Jaye Larson and Dixon Rowe—will be released! We’ve also got a special treat lined up for tomorrow, April 7th, of the cover reveal with Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews. I’ll be posting here with the link, but feel free to stalk their page tomorrow too until the post goes up! 😉

The blog tour for Arctic Restitution will be May 22–26. I’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned to share that week, so I’m definitely looking forward to it and hope you are too! If there’s anything in particular you’d like to ask or hear about regarding poor, tormented Jaye and Dixon, feel free to comment or email and let me know. I did my best to wrap up all of the loose threads left behind with both Caged Jaye and Arctic Absolution with this new novel, and added a whole lot of brand spankin new stuff too (with more than a few big surprises along the way, especially for anyone familiar with my other novels too…)

I can also announce that another one of my labors of love is finally coming to fruition. Becoming Kerry is due to be released in August! It’s got everything—exotic dancing, a burly security guard, delicious accents, pierced and painted beauties, a former military brat emerging from a glorious cocoon, a coming-out adventure, loss (of virginity and otherwise), violence, angst, healing and oh-so-much romance. You can add the book now on Goodreads and stay posted for more details to come!

I’ve also been hard at work writing 2 new novels. One is a spinoff of Bare, telling the story of how Oliver, Rune and Jackson came together. The other is almost completed and has the working title of Life From Nothing. I’m polishing up the first draft now and can share an exclusive first look at the blurb:

Eighteen-year-old Eris Traylor, who’s used to being judged for his piercings, small stature, ethnicity, sexuality, and state of near-constant desperation, was homeless for two years before winding up in a juvenile detention facility, but upon his release is welcomed into a spot at Rolling Hills Farm—a refuge for neglected or homeless LGBTQ youth. Certain his abusive parents will track him down yet again, Eris fears his time at his new home will be cut all-too-short and necessitate yet another mad dash for his life and freedom. In the meantime, his safety depends on the man running things, thirty-nine-year-old tall, dark, and handsome Jude Southwood. While getting his first taste of what it’s like to live a somewhat-normal life amongst other gay young men, Eris focuses only using his street smarts and well-honed instincts to seduce Jude and securing his protection. But though Eris is certain his survival depends on luring in someone powerful like Jude, suspicious, secretive, and seemingly-straight-laced housemate Quinn Cannon has no doubt Eris will bring only danger and chaos to the fragile peace of their home.  

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Which story are YOU most looking forward to?

On a personal note, I’ve been focusing on healing from everything I’ve been through in the past two years and reorganizing all of my mental wires so I can be the happiest, most productive, and mindful person I can possibly be. I honestly feel like an entirely new person, and can credit that to a lot of family time, quiet walks, reading, journaling, and near-endless studies on various branches of psychology, spirituality, and self-care. My mission has become to maintain the new inner peace I’ve discovered by reducing my intake of news and general life drama in order to give back more and help others in whatever ways I possibly can. The world is in a crazy state right now, in many ways, but I think being there for each other and staying connected to the inner voice inside each of us, guiding our instincts and inspiration, is the key to transforming everything for the better. Maybe that sounds like a bunch of hippy-dippy nonsense, but I really believe it with all of my heart. I hope you’re doing well, my friends. Sending some love and good vibes your way.