2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Bare & Arctic Restitution

12144751_1152051578162256_5457885689979025011_nHoly cats! I was thrilled to wake up this rainy Monday morning to see both Bare and Arctic Restitution have received Honorable Mentions in the 2017 Rainbow Awards!! Here’s what the judges had to say about each…


The sharp writing and intriguing characters kept me engaged from beginning to end. 

Arctic Restitution

ArcticRestitution_CvrPDFfix21) I am so lucky to have read the two previous books before reading Arctic Restitution. I loved Jaye from the get go, hated Cash to the point I wanted to scratch his eyes out. The entire series puts you into an emotional rollercoaster when at some times you’re flying high, and at some, you’re a puddle of goo with snot running down your nose. At times you’re all excited (after the first book) and with sexual tension, then you’re filled with fear for Jaye and what is happening to him at a particular moment.  Out of the three books, Caged Jaye and Arctic Restitution were my two favorites. There were so many times when I wanted to pull Jaye out of the story and give him a hug, keep him safe from the gangs and the ghost monsters. I really liked him and from the beginning was rooting for him, for his safety, his sanity. I also enjoyed and appreciated the Note at the end of the book. It gives you a view of the characters as the author perceived them. That was quite thoughtful. I really enjoyed reading this series and have to give Lynn a huge thank you for the feels and especially her generosity. Keep on writing, Lynn!
2) I was totally hooked by this gritty, raw, honest, and engrossing book

Thank you so much to the judges and to all of my readers who give me such wonderful motivation to keep writing and working hard! Much love to everyone <3

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