The Society of Masters

Shared World Project with author Jack L. Pyke

Forgive Us by Lynn KellingAntidote by Jack L. Pyke








Title: Length: Author:   Shared World Tie-in Information:
Loving the Master Novel Kelling
Escape Short Kelling
Expected Lies Short Kelling
Divine Surrender Novella Kelling
Learning from the Master Short Kelling
Between Here and There Short Kelling
Trick and Truth Short Kelling
Never Happened Short Kelling
Deliver Us Novel Kelling
Don’t… Novel Pyke
Pleasures of Paradise Short Kelling
From Temptation Novel Kelling
Forgive Us  Novel Kelling *Full shared world begins, ties to plot in Antidote & Whatever the Cost
Whatever the Cost Novel Kelling
Bound by Lies Novel Kelling
Song of the Lonesome Cowboy  Novel Kelling *Ties to plot in Whatever the Cost
Antidote (Don’t 2)  Novel Pyke *Brief shared world tie-in to Forgive Us.
Breakdown (Don’t 3) Novella Pyke *Minor Shared word Tie-in with Deliver Us series. Release date: August 19
Backlash (Don’t 4) Novel Pyke
Bare Novel Kelling *Tie-in with the Manse series.


I’m absolutely thrilled to officially announce that I will be collaborating with the immensely talented author, Jack L. Pyke, on merging the worlds of our books. The title of this project is The Society of Masters. All books which take place in the Society of Masters world will display the mark you see on both covers above. It doesn’t mean you need to have read all of the books to be able to enjoy each particular book on its own, just that the characters will be appearing in new places in the future.

Deliver Us and From Temptation will now be part of a larger universe also containing Pyke’s Don’t… My forthcoming novel, Forgive Us, the third in the Deliver Us series which, along with continuing the stories of Gabriel, Darrek, Kyle, Ben, Trace and Micah, will also feature the characters Jack, Jan and Gray from Jack L. Pyke’s Don’t…

My characters, Gabriel and Darrek, will likewise be traveling overseas to the UK in a forthcoming novel, Gray Matters, written by Jack L. Pyke to join up with the men of her Don’t… series! From this point forward, elements of each of our stories will be interwoven on a single timeline, so I would heartily encourage you to read her fabulous BDSM thriller, Don’t…, if you haven’t already!

I am humbled and without the proper words to describe how excited I am to be working with an author whose work I respect so much. It has been such a privilege and pleasure to begin this journey with Ms. Pyke and to get to work with her characters, Jack, Jan and Gray, introducing them to my guys and seeing how spectacularly the sparks fly. I think it’s safe to say that we both cannot wait to share with you all of the exciting things we have planned! Many thanks to Jack L. Pyke and many thanks to the readers!


For more information, check out Jack L. Pyke’s website. For links to buy Don’t…, read an excerpt, content labels, reviews and more, click here

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  8. Wow–I have one or two of these books on my TBR mountain at Goodreads. So glad to find this chronological list of the books in this world. Plan to start at the beginning and read them all.

    • So glad you were able to find the list and that it’s helpful to you, Cindra 🙂 Thank you for reading!!


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