Two 2014 Rainbow Awards Finalists – Forgive Us and My Brother’s Lover

1897919_929208513760292_1685667549472400093_nForgive Us by Lynn KellingForgive Us (Deliver Us 3) and My Brother’s Lover (Twin Ties 1) are both finalists in the 2014 Rainbow Awards!! They’re both in the Gay Erotic Romance category. This is the first time any of my stories have been recognized by the Rainbow Awards and it’s unspeakably, wonderfully invigorating and humbling to be included in such esteemed company, especially after working so damned hard to make these books come to life. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s helped along the way, especially the awesome folks at Forbidden Fiction and my priceless partner in crime, author Jack L. Pyke – a fellow finalist for her Society of Masters novel, Antidote. A thousand thank yous, too, to everyone on the jury who have been reading and rating hundreds of submissions – your open-mindedness is greatly appreciated!

It’s mind-blowing to see two Society of Masters novels – Forgive Us and Antidote – on this finalist list. It really is a dream come true. Also, for anyone unfamiliar with my Twin Ties series, the 2nd book in the series (Twin Affairs) is widely available at all major retailers with the exception of Amazon, who has banned it for being too hot for their content restrictions. Click here for all buy links for Twin Affairs.

MyBrothersLover_CvrMEDCheck out the fantastic review for My Brother’s Lover that accompanied it’s 2014 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention:

“She’s brilliant. 40. Wow. Lynn Kelling certainly delivers on the promise to not shy away from the dark spaces of life in her writing. My Brother’s Lover is a complex, finely nuanced tour de force that will creep into your psyche with the delicate tread of a Shaolin monk treading a span of rice paper without leaving a single footprint. The story is almost unbearably erotic, titillating, dizzying, and has a fine, stinging bite of discomfort. I highly recommend this read. It will move you.”

4 thoughts on “Two 2014 Rainbow Awards Finalists – Forgive Us and My Brother’s Lover

  1. Congratulations! It truly was an outstanding book. I’m off now to congratulate Jack L. Pyke on Antidote making to list. Have a drink on all your fans.

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