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9-5-17 Update: I realized I haven’t updated this in a while, and have refreshed the list with the latest news. Thanks to my hubby & Officer Vargas for the heads-up!

My next release will be Life From Nothing.


Life From Nothing (working title) – Driven from home by the terror of living with abusive parents, eighteen-year-old Eris Traylor finally has a taste of freedom. Used to being judged for his piercings, small stature, ethnicity, sexuality, and state of near-constant desperation, his expectations are set low. After being homeless for two years, he winds up in a juvenile detention facility, but upon his release is welcomed into a spot at Rolling Hills Farm—a refuge for neglected or homeless LGBTQ youth. Certain his parents will track him down yet again, Eris fears his time at his new home will be cut all-too-short and necessitate yet another mad dash for his life. In the meantime, his safety depends on the man running things, thirty-nine-year-old tall, dark, and handsome Jude Southwood. While getting his first taste of what it’s like to live a somewhat-normal life amongst other gay young men, Eris focuses only using his street smarts and well-honed instincts to seduce Jude and securing his protection. But though Eris is certain his survival depends on luring in someone powerful like Jude, suspicious, secretive, and seemingly-straight-laced housemate Quinn Cannon has no doubt Eris will bring only danger and chaos to the fragile peace of their home. (MMM)

Word count: 84,784 – UNDER CONTRACT & IN EDITS

Hush (working title)Prequel to Bare – Former drug dealer and current member of motorcycle gang, The Born Soldiers, Rune Tooby struggles to find his purpose after a brutal crash leaves him completely deaf. Through gay BDSM club-owner, Master David Davenport, Rune is arranged to meet Dom Oliver Hughes, whose take-no-shit cockiness will find its greatest match yet in the unpredictable, vengeful submissive. Oliver’s established relationship with beloved submissive, family man, and cardiologist, Jackson Whitney, will be tested by the new addition, and they will all learn to expect the unexpected when Rune sets his sites on finally getting some revenge for his own pain, and the suffering of other innocents in the town he calls home.

The first draft is complete! The manuscript has just entered the editing phase.

Fox Woods (working title) – Two men who have each been hiding their own secrets for almost thirty years work together on a house renovation in the remote mountainous small town of Fox Woods where suspicion and circumstances quickly make it clear that all of their lies and closely-held truths will be revealed whether they’re ready or not.

Latest word count: 48,000

Untitled (Twin Ties Book 4) – MM+ Romance – This installment will be focused on the Popovic twins’ past and present intersecting, and on how the foursome deals with practical, everyday complications that stem from being in an incestuous, gay, polyamorous relationship in a place that is not especially tolerant of their lifestyle.

Untitled – MM Post-Apocalyptic Drama – About an arranged marriage between the cunning, fearsome leader of a community of warriors and the unassuming teenage son of a neighboring mountain tribe that controls the flow of clean water. Inspired by tales of real women and girls, but flipped it around to give the men a shot at some hardcore oppression, objectification and ridiculousness.

Latest word count: 15,000